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October 18, 2017

Insurance tracking with a hammer?

Hammers are great but nail guns are even better for doing a big job.  The right tools can make any job easier. In the world of insurance tracking and compliance, time is money—quite literally—and using the wrong tool is wasting both. 

October 11, 2017

Insurance vs. Indemnification?

In the world of insurance, it can be easy to get confused by all of the super technical lingo and definitions. There are many types of endorsements, statuses, and policies, not to mention the hundreds of terms that anyone in the world of insurance and risk management must understand—or at least know where to seek help and find clarity.

One point of confusion that often comes up for organizations is understanding insurance and indemnification differ and how they interact. Of course, most understand that insurance takes the form of a contract, which is in place through a policy. With insurance, the individual or organization that took out the policy receives protection or reimbursement against losses that may occur.

October 10, 2017

The Additional Insured Language in Your Contract May Matter More Than You Realize.

Did you know that case law shows there is a significant difference between a sentence requiring you to be listed as an additional insured on the certificate versus you being endorsed to the policy as an additional insured?

For some, this may be a well known fact. But, for others that aren’t as familiar with all of the nuances that come along with insurance language, not knowing the difference can cause big problems for an organization.

In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of contract language when it comes to additional insured status and what to check to ensure your organization is protected every single time, regardless of the nuances that can come along with confusing insurance language. Let’s get started: